Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keston is a BIG BOY!

Well, I finally did it---yep, cut off all Keston's baby curls! I figured I better get it done before Papa Dave came to visit new baby sister --- I wouldn't put it past my dad to have Keston's hair all shaved off:) Oh, and Grandma Bernice will be sooo excited to see these pictures too, I think she was the most excited to find out I was having a girl, so I would finally get rid of his curls! But mommy loved them and it was hard for me to let him grow out of them...

I have always trimmed his hair myself, but after one attempt and the kicking and screaming---I thought I would let someone else do it. Keston didn't say a word or move at all --- but his face is priceless...I don't think he really enjoyed his first real barber experience:)

I warned the girl cutting his hair that I may start crying---but was suprised that I was fine with the whole thing. She lifted him up to look in the mirror when he was finished and Keston's eyes just sparkled as he looked in the mirror when the torture was finally over...."I COOL LIKE MACE!" he said.

He is sooo proud of his big boy spikes now that are just like Daddy and Mace. Mace was so proud of him that "you're not kind of a girl any more---you are my twin!" At least I still have pictures of the curls, it is amazing how grown up a hair cut can make a little boy....now he is ready to be a big brother and he can't wait!

Getting Ready for Sissy!

I can not believe how quickly time is passing! I have definitely been a blog slacker, but we are all doing well and so excited for Christmas and baby Sissy at our house...here are a few pictures of the boys helping me get ready for baby....

I felt guilty painting the baby's room with out painting the boys room too. So we moved all the boys stuff into the baby's room while we painted their walls blue and tan...and then on to this mess of a project. I don't even know what color these walls were---but yuck and dark. I was really ready for a little pink in the house:)
Walls all primed and ready for paint---boys helping daddy with the bead board and chair rail.Keston was so proud of sissy's pink walls and he always makes sure there is a pillow, blanket, and stuffy (stuffed animal) in there for her -- what a big helper.Bedding and blankets all washed and ready for our new little arrival!

I figured if you were washing one carseat, might as well wash all three. Well that was tons of fun with two little helpers---notice we are still in pjs! Washing carseat and testing the carseat weight limit...
and carseat passenger limit...

We are so excited and can't wait to post pictures of our new little bundle and snuggle her all day long! The boys are already fighting who gets to hold her first:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November SNOW Days!

We woke up to tons of SNOW on Wednesday morning and the boys couldn't wait until after school to get all bundled to PLAY. We didn't get our leaves up before the wet weather, so Mace was pretty disgusted with our dirty snowman -- so we made leaf monsters instead:) They only lasted a few minutes before being wrestled and broken down! I wanted to sculpt a snow turkey -- but Mommy's creations never made it too far with my demolition dudes around! Fun times!

Keston's Girl!

We enjoyed Halloween in St. George with Grandma and Grandpa. Keston wasn't too in to the whole pumpkin carving stuff -- he just enjoyed his one on one time with Grandma. Just love this picture of him playing in her flower beds and Grandma begging for kisses. To0 CUTE! We love you Grandma and can't wait to visit again...

Falltime Favorites!

I have been terrible with keeping up with life, but we did have a fun filled begining of Fall! Here are some of the favorites...

Trick or Treats!

Carving Pumpkins with Grandpa Moen!

Pumkin Patches!

Jazz Season Starts!

Daddy's Birthday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heart 2 Heart Stitches

New Website Up and Running! Woo Hoo!


Be sure to sign up on the mailing list to be updated of new releases and updates! Free Pattern Coming Soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

School Days!

The boys have been pretending to go to school for awhile now---they both put on their backpacks and go somewhere in the house and wait for their teacher (me) to come and teach them something. (hopefully this will last for many years to come:))

I love this picture with them sticking their tongues out---totally captures how Keston looks up to his big brother and copies EVERTTHING he does. We have so many first day of school pictures since there is preschool orientation, the actual first day of preschool for Mace, and then Keston's first day of joy school that a few of us moms are rotating in the neighborhood. They both love going to school --- but the best part is when it is time to pick them up---they get so excited to see each other again. Definitely one of those happy Motherhood Moments!

Enjoying the final days of Summer!

It is a good thing they are cute! Mace attempted to make his sandbox into a swimming pool---they had so much fun and were so proud of how dirty they could get:) Boys will be BOYS...

One Fun Filled Day in Burley!

We enjoyed a quick trip to Burley the middle of August to enjoy the Fair and Rodeo, my high school class reunion, and the open house of the Twin Falls Temple. It was a busy and fun filled trip! Thank you for having us Grandma Susie and Papa Dave!
  • Keston helping his cousin Hewstyn get ready for the Stock Sale...

  • Mace just hanging out at Storybook Park...

  • Twin Falls Temple Open House...

  • A Big Night at the RODEO!...

  • John Deere Green Snowcones---just to top off the bull riding and cotton candy!...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The BEST News in our Family!

Yes---we are so excited to be having a GIRL addition to our family! The boys got to pick a toy for their new BABY SISTER and watch her give them a 'thumbs up' in the ultrasound:) Mace said to the Dr. "I was right, I knewed she is a GIRL! Cause I already have a boy baby." Mommy is excited to have a little pink in the house and Daddy is hoping she will mellow out her brothers! January 1st here we come!!!

Final Cedarberry Stitchery Patterns...

Wow! I have finally finished my 12 designs for the year in the 5x20 size and I definitely couldn't have done it with out my neices---thank you AuBrey and McKayla for all your help watching the boys and last minute stitching and chalking help to get the store samples out. These are my last designs with Cedarberry and I am so excited to begin our new venture as HEART 2 HEART STITCHES! The site is still a work in progress. It has been a great learning experience for me with Cedarberry and I am just excited to be on my own time frame and schedule. That will work best being a mommy:) Happy Stitching to everyone!

Back 2 School BBQ!

We thought this would be a fun tradition to start with all of our nieces and nephews that are here in Utah---so this is with my family and I have yet to get John's scheduled (I won't make it by the time they are back in school). We had the kids come dressed in their favorite back to school outfit and played school time bingo to win prizes they could use in school---and then of course had tons of food! We had so much food that we called John's three brothers that live here to come and help with the left overs! So fun and the best surprise ever was that Grandma Susie and Papa Dave took a big drive to get here just for dinner! The kids were so excited---thanks for the surprise mom and dad----I guess they will come if we send cute invites:) Here are some pictures of our fun!!