Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So yesterday as Mace was eating dinner he made me smile by reflecting on our Saturday adventure, he says---"So mom, you remember that President Hinckley place? That was Heaven?" ---answering his own question,"yea, it was cuz' I saw the sky and it was beautiful!"


I am trying to be a better person with going with the flow----but I really struggle when my plan is interrupted. I love my Saturdays to be filled with cleaning and working in the yard, so I am caught up for the week. Well, the Elders Quorum had an activity planned on Saturday and John had to send around emails, so I figured he would go----but I didn't plan on the rest of us going. Well, Saturday morning we got up early and got all the yard work done and John kept asking if we would go----I could tell he wanted us to, so we quickly got cleaned up. All the other families in the ward had Saturday plans as well---so when no one but the presidency shows up they decided to cancel. I was relieved---now I could finish my "TO DO" list! We started to head home and Mace started to cry-----"but, I wanted to see President Hinckley's dirt!" John and I both looked at each other and smiled---how can you say no to that. So I quickly grabbed our prophet book and we read stories of President Hinckley and President McKay.

It ended up to be a wonderful day at the SLC cemetery and then a quick stop at temple square to see the temple and beautiful flowers.The boys gave John and I a work out, since both of us were pushing empty strollers just trying to keep up with their excitement!

To end our time at temple square---Mace looked a little disappointed and I asked him what was wrong...
"I didn't find any DANDELIONS!" He was so upset that he didn't find any of his favorite flowers on the temple grounds. I told him we would have to let our Bishop know since he helps with the temple grounds! So, it you see a Dandelion flower bed next year at temple square---you will know it is because of Mace!

To end the entire day---Mace says, "What's today mom?" He is really into the days of the week so I said "Saturday." That wasn't good enough for him---"No, what kind of day is today?" I guess meaning a holiday or something, so I said, "Well, it is a FAMILY DAY." He followed with, "I like these kind of days."

So lesson learned for scheduled mommy---to be a little more relaxed and spontaneous----and be willing to stop and smell the flowers a little more. Oh, the many lessons we learn from our children.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Stitchery Patterns!

Here are the next three 5x20 designs for Cedarberry Stitches --- they won't be available online for awhile since they come out monthly, but just a little something to get you excited! You can find them early at Creekside Needlearts in Payson, UT...The Porch on Main in Springville, UT...The Gathering Place in Rupert, ID ... and of course at my mom's home:)


I was raised in a family where we all worked and played together and I cherish all of those family memories. So, I have to post this one for my mom and dad---sure love you and thank you for teaching me how to work hard!

Mace has started to be such a big helper. He is always asking, "Do you have a job for me, mom?" I just smile and always give him something to do---he is now able to do so many things on his own and it sure makes him proud--- One of his favorite jobs is unloading the silverware in the dishwasher---he can match all the utensils and I let him do the butter knives---which he thinks is so cool. He saves all the sharp stuff for me and then takes all the dishes out for me to put in the high cupboards and then proceeds to add the soap for the next load----love this big helper of mine!

Some of the other jobs Mace loves to do:
*Bake bread and sweet treats:)
*Put wheat in the wheat grinder---because it sounds like a jet plane:)
*Make his bed (well, put all his animals on top of his bed----that is what he thinks "making his bed" means)
*Anything in the Garden (he worked a straight hour by my side loading all my weeds I pulled into his dump truck and then dumping it in the green waste! Planting all the pea and carrot seeds in the ground)
*Washing ANYTHING with the hose
*Pushing the vacuum around (for a little while until he informs that he needs a break :))
*Great at sorting toys and always tells John that he put things up wrong
*Planting flowers and picking my boquets of DANDYLIONS:)
*Awesome HANGER HUNTER (when I am ironing, I can always count on him to count the perfect amount of hangers for the shirts I have ironed)
*When the dryer dings----he unloads everything to the chair so he can clean out the lint:)
*Sorting laundry into color piles---and he will usually correct me once or twice:)
*Office -- paper shreader!
*Stitchery designer assistant... (I was just informed I need to make something "COOL"----flowers just don't do it for Mace, so we are working on a tractor and a stack of sport balls---he loves to draw when mommy draws:)
*Reading books to Keston (not really reading yet, but he will tell Keston all about every picture----I love listening to this. One of those Motherhood Moments!)