Friday, December 21, 2007



CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS! Okay, now you know the rules----it is your turn to pay it forward to three people----have fun! And if you didn't win----now you know three new blogs you can play on! Abby--- I need your address---so email me at I am not finished with the prizes yet, so be patient----it is something fun for Valentines!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bless the JAZZ...

Yes, we are die hard JAZZ fans---even when our team is on a loosing streak! The boys love going to the games when we get a chance with Papa Dave and Grandma Susie----but we have just as much fun in our own home. Mace wears his "Memo" jersey---(because it has a number three) and Keston wears "Boozer". We usually pop popcorn and the boys watch the game and play their own little Jazz game with their hoop. Well, lately Daddy gets a little frustrated with the players on the team with our little loosing streak---so I am not sure if this spurred Mace's concern or what---but today at luch as we were blessing the food---Mace, my three year old, was saying the prayer and adds, "Bless the Jazz that they will be STRONG and HEALTHY and GOOD..." I had to really work at keeping a straight face with that one ---- so yes, we are praying for the UTAH JAZZ!

Pay it Forward...

This is fun---be sure to leave a comment if you want to play... I won a drawing on Megi's blog, so now it is my turn to "pay it forward"! This is how it works... You simply make a comment to this post in the next week and on Thursday -- Dec. 20th, I will put your name in a drawing and the three people that I draw out get something from me! Winners will be posted on the 21st. If you win, be prepared to PAY IT FORWARD! Sooo fun! I'm excited and better get stitching...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chalking Demo...

Okay, here it is finally. This is the "Believe Tree" pattern we are going to chalk. Notice that the pictures are a little shaky---chalking with right hand and taking pictures with left will do that to you! Anyway---next time I will just do a video---that would have been tons easier---well I guess you live and learn right! Notice that this stitchery is already framed---you can chalk before framing or after. I have found that it is easier to tape things down that are not framed---so it is held tight. First off here are the chalks I like to use----you can use any crafters/scrapbook chalk that you already have though. For the best deal on these chalks---Roberts with 40% off coupon!

I took all my trays apart and oranized them by color---so all the greens and such would be together. Start first with a medium to light green. I use a q-tip and my finger for my tools---there are fancier things available that work well too! The cheaper the q-tips the better---since the tips are more firm.

Apply color next to your stitches--highlighting the left side and base of object. When you apply color, start soft until you are comfortable. Apply in circularmotions pulling in toward the center of the object.

Next, we do the same thing with a darker green to highlight the tree a little more and give more dimension to the object. We will follow this with a brown tone to blend with your tea-dye effect. I typically use about three colors on every object---after blending with q-tip follow with your finger to really adhere the color to the fabric.

Same with the trunk---use a light brown and then dark. Star is optional, since you can use a star button or stitch it filled. The ground you can apply a little white for snow.

Finished Chalking...

Final Touches...and enjoy!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Patterns to be Released!

Okay, so the 'Christmas Joy' one is a little late----but 'Snowday Wish' will last all Winter long right! These should be released in the next couple of days, so I am going to include the link to my collection 'click here'. Anyway, I also have a little freebie, a small 4x4 "Believe Tree" for any of you that are interested--great for gifts--just leave me your email and I will send it. I will try and get a sample of it posted this weekend as well as a chalking demo. For all of you that have asked chalking questions---I will try and answer in one blog---so I better get busy----HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

ABC Tag----Watch out for that letter " T " !

Thanks for the tag Ash---here we go...

A- Attached or Single? Very attached!
B- Best Friend? My hubby John!
C- Cake or Pie? Hummmm, nearly a toss up---but gotta go with pie for the holidays!
D- Day of Choice? Sunday for a big family nap---when that actually happens!
E- Essential Item? Disinfecting wipes!!
F- Favorite Color? Love them all, but favorite to wear is black--a comfort thing!
G- Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? Worms!
H- Hometown? Burley, ID
I- Favorite Indulgence? Cuddled up for a chick-flick with my Johny!
J- January or July: July...tired of the cold by January!
K- Kids? 3 boys---Mace, Keston, and I count John in there too!
L- Life isn't complete without? CHOCOLATE--that is a definite no brainer!
M- Marriage Date? March 8, 2001
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters? 3 brothers and 3 sisters
O- Oranges or Apples? Toss up---love them both!
P- Phobias or Fears? Drowning
Q- Quote? "I'm not bosy---I just have better ideas!"
R- Reason to Smile? My boys!
S- Season of Choice? Spring---not to hot yet and I love the Spring flowers.
T- Tag three friends (read this and your name is here-- you have to do it!)
Ace J., Meagan M., and Jen J.!

U- Unknown Fact About Me? Fear large social events with lots of people!
V- Vegetable? Love them all---but definitely have to go with the IDAHO POTATO!
W- Worst Habit? Still bite my finger nails---sorry mom!
X- X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y- Your Favorite Food? Depends on the week---love Salmon and Egg Rolls!
Z- Zodiac Sign? Gemini

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here comes the Snow Plow!!!
We woke up this morning all anxious to hang up our Christmas lights----but instead we found a beautiful blanket of snow to play in! The boys gobbled down their oatmeal so they could go outside and help daddy shovel! Mace was the first to get out there and the last to come in! He loved playing in the snow and can't wait for skiing and snowboarding with daddy! Keston was without a coat----so I layered him up and let him stay out a little while and went shopping today so he can play longer next time. The snow was perfect for snowballs and sledding really fast on the slick sidewalks and don't forget the cool snow plow---too much fun---wish you all were here!

Potty Time!

I hope I don't offend anyone with this potty talk---but thought it was too hilarious not to share! A couple of weeks ago when I put the boys in the tub---my little guy Keston, said "potty" and proceeded to climb out of the tub, stand in front of the toilet, and pee all over it! Mace was disgusted as he yelled---"he made a big mess mom!" Keston was just so proud of himself that he finally got OUT of the tub to pee. Well, on Monday night as I was bathing the kids---Keston again said "potty" and I helped him get on the potty and we all (Mace and I) waited with anticipation-----until we herd the sound---"he did it mom!" Mace was so proud of his little brother---so I had to quickly dash for the camera to capture the moment. I put Keston back in the tub as Mace stands up to double check that Keston really went and says,"MOM HIS WATER IS YELLOW JUST LIKE MINE!" It was a great laugh for the whole week and I guess it is time to start potty training boy #2!

Little Buddies!

...Keston John and Kooper Matthew...

I just had to give this picture its own post---love it! This is Keston's favorite little buddy---Kooper (Matt and Roxy's little guy)! Both of these little guys have their Daddy's name for their middle name and are just a couple months apart. Both of them have the same girlfriend---Grandma Susie (Kooper is a little more territorial over her though----or I should say a lot more territorial!) They both are little cuddle bugs too! We just get a kick out of their looks though----completely opposite---but both as cute as ever! We sure love you Kooper and wish you lived closer to us!

Time For Turkey!

Mace and Keston with their UNCLE BUBBA!

We had a wonderful time in Burley for Thanksgiving this year! The food was delicious as always and it was just fun to be with our family. John enjoyed getting away from the computer for awhile and helping Papa Dave at the feedlot----he came home a new man! It is amazing what that IDAHO air does for a person! Mace and Keston loved playing with their cousins and finding all of Grandma Susie's snacks. I just loved being home:) John even got to carve the bird this year---he was excited! Papa Dave worked on the ham---but note that they were under Susie's direct supervision!

I just had to get a picture of the WAIT...isn't it ready yet!?! Oh and take a look at my nephew Brody----no smile right------

HE CAN SMILE! Wow---had to capture this one to share with his mom----see Jami---you didn't think he had it in him! Love ya Brody!

The beautiful cook---LOVE YOU MOM! Thank you for a perfect Thanksgiving!

Frames! Frames! Frames!

Well, I just thought I needed to post a little tribute to my sister Jen! She is a crazy busy mother of five and I have no idea how she does everything that she does. A little back ground on these photos-----when I started designing stitchery patterns we needed a way to get our frames cheaper---so Jen decided she would make frames for us and it would be a perfect job for her kids to help with during the summer! Well, she does amazing work with frames --- as she does with everything else in her life----so needless to say she has been keeping very busy. I had to stop by on my way to Burley for Thanksgiving to pick up frame orders. Jen came to the door all bundled up in hoodie and stocking hat---since she is cutting frames outside in the cold! I told her she was crazy! The house was quiet, so she directed me downstairs to find the kids watching a movie as they painted frames together! What troopers---notice all the SMILES! I love you guys---Jen, Larry, BreeAnn, McKayla, AuBrey, Jaxon, and KarLei --- (notice that Jaxon is the smart SUPERVISOR sitting on the couch watching his sisters work!)