Saturday, December 1, 2007

Frames! Frames! Frames!

Well, I just thought I needed to post a little tribute to my sister Jen! She is a crazy busy mother of five and I have no idea how she does everything that she does. A little back ground on these photos-----when I started designing stitchery patterns we needed a way to get our frames cheaper---so Jen decided she would make frames for us and it would be a perfect job for her kids to help with during the summer! Well, she does amazing work with frames --- as she does with everything else in her life----so needless to say she has been keeping very busy. I had to stop by on my way to Burley for Thanksgiving to pick up frame orders. Jen came to the door all bundled up in hoodie and stocking hat---since she is cutting frames outside in the cold! I told her she was crazy! The house was quiet, so she directed me downstairs to find the kids watching a movie as they painted frames together! What troopers---notice all the SMILES! I love you guys---Jen, Larry, BreeAnn, McKayla, AuBrey, Jaxon, and KarLei --- (notice that Jaxon is the smart SUPERVISOR sitting on the couch watching his sisters work!)

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