Saturday, June 28, 2008


We are trying to get out as a family more on Saturday, since we spend way too much time in the office and there is so much to see around us! Saturday is now the day of the week that Mace counts down too. We decided to attempt the Timpanogos Cave for John's Father's day activity on Saturday the 14th. We were so proud of the boys and how well they did up the hike. Mace nearly walked the whole way up by himself. Mace stopped at every bench to rest and told everyone who passed us a rule or two, since we watched the movie before climbing and it gives you all the safety tips. He was a 3 year old tour guide! Keston was the smart one and quickly fell asleep after the first 5 minutes up the trail, so John got an extra good work out! He woke up for the cave and still managed to hitch a ride on the way down---so daddy was sore for a week! The scenery was absolutely breath taking on the way up and down---and the cave was an awesome experience as well. As the tour guide was pointing out the different stalagmites and stalactites, Keston blurts out "Poop mom--POOP!". Everyone got a good little laugh and I have to admit, the one we were looking at did resemble poop. You gotta love those little ones!


We love Grandma and Grandpa---thank you for the wonderful vacation!

We had so much fun enjoying a long weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Moen in sunny St. George. Pop likes to make sure we check the sky each day---and yep, never a cloud in the sky. We had fun hiking, visiting the city center park, swimming, playing baseball in the backyard, playdough, feeding the ducks and much much more! Mom and Dad were even kind enough to tend the boys while John and I went to the St. George Temple---which was a first for us. We wish we could come visit more often for sure:)


While we in Idaho, we invited cousin Kooper for a sleepover at Grandma's house. It was his first one and he did awesome. My boys love playing with Kooper and I just had to take this picture to show my brother (Bubba) and sister-in-law (Roxy) all the good things that we taught Kooper that night:)


I know, I know so far behind:) But we did have so much fun in May---so we will try and catch up a bit....

The boys and I got to spend a few days in Idaho this month. We always love visiting our Grandma and Grandpa! The boys got to help Papa Dave test drive his Gator for the feed lot---I am sure it will still be in the garage when we go and visit next time. My dad looked like a big kid on that thing with the biggest grin---I guess that is motivation for mowing the lawn!

We had a fun visit from my friend Britney, from Nevada, and her cute kids Caden and Maylia. The kids were excited to break in the swimming pool for the first time this summer...SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH!
I couldn't capture a picture of Mace and Caden---they were always on the move! Don't you just love our snow capped mountains...

I used to joke with my pediatrician about getting Keston a helmet. He would always have bruises all over his face of all places. Just when I thought to myself, wow, Keston hasn't had any big falls lately----well spoke to soon. Here are some pictures of our little bruiser.

#1--Huge bruise on head---attempting the standing long jump (or something like it) out of the sandbox and catching his feet on the boards, then planting his head right on the curbing----but hey, he didn't drop his shovel:)

#2--Skinned nose---attempting to fly like Superman off the front steps--lucky with this one, because it could have been a lot worse.

#3--Green and Black tones on face---his attempt at putting on watercolor makeup:)

What a kid--he always keeps me on my toes for sure!

Backyard Campout! Mace and Keston look forward to Friday night and always try and talk daddy into a campout. We are lucky they are so easy to please sleeping in the backyard.