Saturday, June 28, 2008


We love Grandma and Grandpa---thank you for the wonderful vacation!

We had so much fun enjoying a long weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Moen in sunny St. George. Pop likes to make sure we check the sky each day---and yep, never a cloud in the sky. We had fun hiking, visiting the city center park, swimming, playing baseball in the backyard, playdough, feeding the ducks and much much more! Mom and Dad were even kind enough to tend the boys while John and I went to the St. George Temple---which was a first for us. We wish we could come visit more often for sure:)


chipandkenna said...

You're boys are too cute- it was so fun seeing you guys at the zoo!
Ahh, the red rocks of St.George- I lived there for a few years and I loved hiking Snow's Canyon!

Angee said...

Great rock pictures. Kids and rocks - you can't go wrong.

Where is the water thing in St. George? Is it by the tabernacle?

The Jones Family said...

Jason's grandparents live there too. When we stopped by one time on our way passing through I really wish we could ahve gone in the temple. I had to settle for a walk around the grounds at night time, which was very pretty, but not not the same as going inside. How cool and lucky you are!!!Ainslie