Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The BEST News in our Family!

Yes---we are so excited to be having a GIRL addition to our family! The boys got to pick a toy for their new BABY SISTER and watch her give them a 'thumbs up' in the ultrasound:) Mace said to the Dr. "I was right, I knewed she is a GIRL! Cause I already have a boy baby." Mommy is excited to have a little pink in the house and Daddy is hoping she will mellow out her brothers! January 1st here we come!!!

Final Cedarberry Stitchery Patterns...

Wow! I have finally finished my 12 designs for the year in the 5x20 size and I definitely couldn't have done it with out my neices---thank you AuBrey and McKayla for all your help watching the boys and last minute stitching and chalking help to get the store samples out. These are my last designs with Cedarberry and I am so excited to begin our new venture as HEART 2 HEART STITCHES! The site is still a work in progress. It has been a great learning experience for me with Cedarberry and I am just excited to be on my own time frame and schedule. That will work best being a mommy:) Happy Stitching to everyone!

Back 2 School BBQ!

We thought this would be a fun tradition to start with all of our nieces and nephews that are here in Utah---so this is with my family and I have yet to get John's scheduled (I won't make it by the time they are back in school). We had the kids come dressed in their favorite back to school outfit and played school time bingo to win prizes they could use in school---and then of course had tons of food! We had so much food that we called John's three brothers that live here to come and help with the left overs! So fun and the best surprise ever was that Grandma Susie and Papa Dave took a big drive to get here just for dinner! The kids were so excited---thanks for the surprise mom and dad----I guess they will come if we send cute invites:) Here are some pictures of our fun!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

World's Best Daddy!

Once again this post is behind---just come to expect that from me:) John was able to go to the Father and Son's camp out with our ward on July 25th. He was just planning on taking Mace, since we thought two might be a little much to handle. When Keston's eyes filled with the biggest tears ever and he managed to say "I go camp out too!" ---He couldn't leave him behind! As we got them all packed up, I threw John the camera...just in case he had time to take some pictures.

Well, he sure surprised me, since both boys came back in one piece and he even had tons of pictures of their adventures! Mace and Keston were so proud of how dirty they came home and we are still talking about the water and the huge tree and the food that was JUST FOR BOYS!

The cool double rainbow we enjoyed after doing yardwork when the boys got home...

The following Sunday, John had to take the boys by himself, (which was his first time)----while I went to the Developmental Center with the YW. As I left at 7:30 in the morning---John said, "are you sure you can't take Keston?"---Nope was my reply. Anyway---he ended up to church 10 min. early in time for the soft seats! Wow, amazed again!

Then the following Friday, he had the boys again while I spent the night at girls camp---and once again, when I came home they were all smiles and hardly missed their mom at all. So what does all this prove? I definitely need to leave the kids home with their amazing daddy more often:)