Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Youngest Little Stitcher!

I am blown away with this and just had to share----for all of you who think stitching is too hard, maybe you need a lesson from Jaylee! Look at what a four year old can do!....Chip and Kenna's little sweetheart...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Stitching !?!?!

Of course, after that fun filled month I had to get back to work and have been stitching samples like crazy! Here are the next two patterns to follow the tulip and watercan. The Bug Stack is so fun---with lots of metallic accents for summer fun. The Star Stack is patriotic for all year long if you love stars like me or perfect for your July decor---anyway hope you all enjoy. These will be available at Cedarberry Stitches soon!

Friday, March 7, 2008


We usually don't have so much fun in one month---but our February seemed to be packed full of fun! I guess that is why I have been a bit of a blogg slacker!

My Ricks Roomie---Meagan, took us to the Gateway Museum. The boys had so much fun with Ashlin making sculptures, driving cars, playing in the waterplay area, playing house, and just being in a new place. A great spot for fun in the winter months----Thanks Meagan and Ashlin!

Then the boys and I drove to Burley and had fun joining one of mom's stitching classes! It was fun to have a little adult conversation for a weekend. I love the below picture----Mace loves Grandma Susie's fireplace and is always wanting to read by it----he got Grandpa in the cozy chair as well!

KESTON'S BIRTHDAY! Keston turned 2 on February 14th! He loved his car cake and cupcakes----we had fun sharing them with Uncle Bubba, Aunt Roxy, and Kooper since they were in town! Keston is pretty accident prone and at his 2 year check-up the doctor and I talked about investing in a permanent helmet for the kid! We haven't had serious head injuries, but he ALWAYS has at least one bruise on his head at a time. Keston loves to run and jump---and be OUTSIDE, he is all B-O-Y! He is such a joy in our home and has now started talking in sentences too---well, his own sort of sentences. Just this past week, Keston was talking and Mace started laughing and said, "Mom, Keston is talking ENGLISH!"

We also celebrated Valentine's Day on Keston's birthday. What an overload of sweets! I will have to come up with some new traditions for sure---my house was CRAZY! The boys had fun decorating and filling their Valentine's boxes this year---we even made one for Daddy.

DISNEYLAND! We took a weekend trip to Disneyland with my whole family on the 21st-24th! It was so much fun to see everyone and just play for a few days. It was very nerve racking to leave all the businesses unattended, but was well worth the stress. Thank you Grandma Susie and Papa Dave for such a wonderful trip! Mace wants to go to Disneyland tomorrow, so I told him to start saving. He tells his dad, when his applesauce jar is full of money, then we get to go again! Too cute!

John got sick when we got home----and is still under the weather, but back at work---so we are all just trying to stay healthy now and can't wait for warmer weather and GREEN GRASS!