Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pattern Sneak Peek 2 and Easle Orders!

Here is a peek at the next patterns for this years 5x20 set of 12...

I also found the perfect easle for this size of frame! The easle is very heavy duty and goes high up the back supporting the frame really well. I wanted something sturdy for an entry table that would with stand my two boys! Anyway, they are typically $27 with tax included----but I am able to get them for $20 even---with preorders. So, let me know if you are interested by FEBRUARY 12TH at the latest. I will make a drop off in Burley the first week or so in March---and any exits on the way:) I won't be shipping any since they are so odd sized and heavy---shipping would probably cost more than the easle. If you have any questions email me----Dimensions: 24 inches tall ---7 inches wide ---11 inches deep

Pattern Sneak Peek 1