Monday, November 19, 2007

2008 Pattern Sneak Peek!

This is for all of you crazy stitchers who help keep me flowing with ideas! Here is a little sneak peek of my Cedarberry class patterns available in 2008! They have been so much fun---the full set will be 12 designs that you can change out of the 5x20 frame each month---just one more thing for all of us to add to that never ending 'To Do' list!


Yes, I know I am a little late---but still new at blogging---so it is okay right?!? Anyway, it is now nearly Thanksgiving, but I still wanted to share our Halloween pictures since we have had so much fun looking at all the other blogs! Little Keston was our cute little pumpkin---or "pumpkinman" as Mace would call him. Mace was of course Spiderman---and really got into his role by throwing pretend webs from his hands everywhere we went! John was a last minute Green Goblin with the spraypainted hair and I was Spidey's mommy---with black hair with spiders in it. I guess that will teach me to be more prepared next year---because it was quite the stretch! The boys both had so much fun this year----but I think their favorite part was answering our door for the trick-or-treaters!

Go Jazz!

Even though the last game wasn't anything to talk about---we are still die hard JAZZ FANZ! We had so much fun with Grandma Susie and Papa Dave at the Jazz game on the 7th---we were standing up through the end---what an exciting buzzer beater this one was! Mace kept track of 'his guy---Memo' the whole game. Since he just got a new jersey, as his old one was handed down to little brother. Papa Dave tried to talk him into a #8 for Williams----but the jersey had to have a #3 in it----so go #13!. Keston's favorite part of the game was definitely the popcorn, grapes, and gummy worms----sounds delicious doesn't it! He went from lap to lap checking out what snacks everyone had---and of course, loved watching the JAZZ BEAR! Mace loved sitting on Grandma Susie's lap and locating Memo on the court---and on the bench as well. When Memo was on the bench Mace would call it his "time out rest". He knows that word pretty well! Anyways it was great family fun---Thanks for the tickets Mom and Dad!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Family Memories!

Quick Year in Review...

Well, just thought I would try this out since I am terrible about keeping in touch with everyone and I have been enjoying the updates from all of you who inspired me:)----I guess we will just see how time consuming it is. We have now been in Lehi, Utah for almost a year now. We have grown to love our new home and ward----but of course still miss all our friends in Logan and hopefully this will help us to keep in touch better. Some of our favorites this past year in a quick year in review...

#1---Hawaii Cruise!
Definitely number one since we didn't have to pay for it! Thanks Papa Dave and Grandma Susie---the whole herd of us went in February 2007---16 Adults and 28 Kids! You can imagine all of the looks we got everywhere we went:) Here are the boys and Daddy on the temple grounds---so beautiful! Mace thinks any body of water is Hawaii----so our first time going back to Burley, Idaho after our trip to Hawaii----we crossed the bridge over the Snake River, and Mace points to the water, "It's Hawaii Dad--we are here!" So we go to "Hawaii" about once a month now---thanks to the Snake River!

#2---Back Yard Fun!
We love having a FENCED backyard! The boys enjoyed playing in Mommy's garden, digging in the sandbox, and of course playing baseball! Daddy is starting them young----I am shocked we didn't have more accidents with a bat in both of their hands!
#3---Duck Pond!
We found a beautiful, secluded pond area with trails around---the boys absolutely love going there. Whenever we get to the heels of the bread----it is time to go and feed the ducks! Just this last time we found that one trail lead to a playground and another to a little waterfall----so now it is even more FREE fun!
#4---Attempt at Camping!
I say "attempt" because the only time we all slept in the tent was in the backyard! Anyway, maybe next year will be a better experience and we will get out more. The boys love being anywhere where there is dirt as you can see from Keston's face (couldn't figure out how to rotate his picture)---so I think camping is for us! It is great to get John away from the computer and I can't stitch with the dirt----so it is a great get-away for all of us.

We have been enjoying the fall weather and I will have to get some new pictures up soon----just realized we really don't have a current family picture---so I need to get on that among all the other things. We are so thankful for all of our family and friends and hope you enjoy our blog and I will try and write more soon. Take care---