Monday, November 19, 2007

Go Jazz!

Even though the last game wasn't anything to talk about---we are still die hard JAZZ FANZ! We had so much fun with Grandma Susie and Papa Dave at the Jazz game on the 7th---we were standing up through the end---what an exciting buzzer beater this one was! Mace kept track of 'his guy---Memo' the whole game. Since he just got a new jersey, as his old one was handed down to little brother. Papa Dave tried to talk him into a #8 for Williams----but the jersey had to have a #3 in it----so go #13!. Keston's favorite part of the game was definitely the popcorn, grapes, and gummy worms----sounds delicious doesn't it! He went from lap to lap checking out what snacks everyone had---and of course, loved watching the JAZZ BEAR! Mace loved sitting on Grandma Susie's lap and locating Memo on the court---and on the bench as well. When Memo was on the bench Mace would call it his "time out rest". He knows that word pretty well! Anyways it was great family fun---Thanks for the tickets Mom and Dad!

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Jensen Blog said...

Glad to see that your still all Jazzed up!