Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here comes the Snow Plow!!!
We woke up this morning all anxious to hang up our Christmas lights----but instead we found a beautiful blanket of snow to play in! The boys gobbled down their oatmeal so they could go outside and help daddy shovel! Mace was the first to get out there and the last to come in! He loved playing in the snow and can't wait for skiing and snowboarding with daddy! Keston was without a coat----so I layered him up and let him stay out a little while and went shopping today so he can play longer next time. The snow was perfect for snowballs and sledding really fast on the slick sidewalks and don't forget the cool snow plow---too much fun---wish you all were here!


Jensen Family said...

I am so glad we live in a place that we get snow every year. My kids LOVE the snow. Your blog looks the new look.

Branden said...

Hey Kassie, this is Branden Allen. I noticed your blog when I was looking at Ty's blog and thought I'd say hi and tell you that your family is adorable. My wife and I just had our first girl 4 weeks is quite the change. That snow looks familiar, do you guys live in Utah? Anyways, hello and Happy Holidays.

d&h bean said...

Okay, so I just figured out this comment thing! It was great to hear from you on my blog! By the way, I love your stichery patterns, and you can tell Jen thanks for the great frames too! Your family is absolutely adorable! I love this blogging thing so we can all keep in touch!
Holly Holbrook Bean

Jensen Blog said...

Love the updates on your family. It was sure good talking to you the other day!