Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chalking Demo...

Okay, here it is finally. This is the "Believe Tree" pattern we are going to chalk. Notice that the pictures are a little shaky---chalking with right hand and taking pictures with left will do that to you! Anyway---next time I will just do a video---that would have been tons easier---well I guess you live and learn right! Notice that this stitchery is already framed---you can chalk before framing or after. I have found that it is easier to tape things down that are not framed---so it is held tight. First off here are the chalks I like to use----you can use any crafters/scrapbook chalk that you already have though. For the best deal on these chalks---Roberts with 40% off coupon!

I took all my trays apart and oranized them by color---so all the greens and such would be together. Start first with a medium to light green. I use a q-tip and my finger for my tools---there are fancier things available that work well too! The cheaper the q-tips the better---since the tips are more firm.

Apply color next to your stitches--highlighting the left side and base of object. When you apply color, start soft until you are comfortable. Apply in circularmotions pulling in toward the center of the object.

Next, we do the same thing with a darker green to highlight the tree a little more and give more dimension to the object. We will follow this with a brown tone to blend with your tea-dye effect. I typically use about three colors on every object---after blending with q-tip follow with your finger to really adhere the color to the fabric.

Same with the trunk---use a light brown and then dark. Star is optional, since you can use a star button or stitch it filled. The ground you can apply a little white for snow.

Finished Chalking...

Final Touches...and enjoy!


Meagan said...

I LOVE how it looks chalked!! I'm a bit scared to chalk by myself, maybe next time we get together you can give me one on one lessons!! hehe
I did the Belive Stitch and LOVE IT!! THanks again!!

The Jenks Fam said...

Okay, how much? I need to buy this from you! You are amazing! Have a good Christmas! :)

Jessica said...

I love this. Thanks for the lesson! You are the best!
I am going to try this!