Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time For Turkey!

Mace and Keston with their UNCLE BUBBA!

We had a wonderful time in Burley for Thanksgiving this year! The food was delicious as always and it was just fun to be with our family. John enjoyed getting away from the computer for awhile and helping Papa Dave at the feedlot----he came home a new man! It is amazing what that IDAHO air does for a person! Mace and Keston loved playing with their cousins and finding all of Grandma Susie's snacks. I just loved being home:) John even got to carve the bird this year---he was excited! Papa Dave worked on the ham---but note that they were under Susie's direct supervision!

I just had to get a picture of the WAIT...isn't it ready yet!?! Oh and take a look at my nephew Brody----no smile right------

HE CAN SMILE! Wow---had to capture this one to share with his mom----see Jami---you didn't think he had it in him! Love ya Brody!

The beautiful cook---LOVE YOU MOM! Thank you for a perfect Thanksgiving!

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