Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still Loving Our Sissy!

It has now been 9 weeks since we brought our sweet little Adalyn home from the hospital -- and the boys still fight over her every morning! I thought the newness would wear off by now, but they both light up when they see their sissy come into the room. Now that Adalyn is smiling, they fight over that too. If she gives one of them a smile and not the other -- they get all upset. She sure doesn't have to worry about a lack of attention in this home. I have loved watching the boys sing her songs and try and make her smile -- what a lucky little girl to have two big brothers who love her so much!

I can't forget to write about our first Dr. visit for Adalyn at her 2 week appointment. I took Keston with me and he immediately assumed the role of 'Big Brother' -- protecting his baby sissy. As the Dr. examined Adalyn, Keston got right up on the table too. As the Dr. checked Adalyn's ears, eyes, and such -- Keston would proudly say, "That her tummy, that her hand, etc." He was proud that he knew all about his sister. When it came time for pricking her foot for blood samples -- Keston was right in the nurses working space too. When Adalyn started crying -- Keston looked right at the nurse and said, "Her not like you! She likes my mommy!" The nurse smiled and proceeded to get Adalyn a bandaid and give her back to me --- Keston was so proud that the nurse got the right bandaid --"Yeah, her likes PINK! Good Job!" I think the nurse felt much better knowing she did something right for Keston:)

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Darci said...

I love what he said! How sweet for him to be so protective! She is such a gorgeous did well!