Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grandmas are the Greatest!

Adalyn Kay got to meet her Great-Grandma Lila for the very first time. They both fell in love with each other as soon as their eyes met. Adalyn was so smiley and made the cutest little sounds as she talked with her Grandma. Neither one of them wanted to leave each other, what a priceless moment they shared. Thanks for letting us visit, we love you Grandma!


Ruth Done said...

I can't believe how nice it was for you guys to watch our kids the other night. Brendan wouldn't tell me who he got to babysit. I really appreciate it. We really needed a night out. I can't wait to have your boys come and play at my house. Jack is still talking about them. Adalyn is so beautiful. Thanks again!

THE CALLS said...

That is so sweet. Your baby girl is getting so big. She is so beautiful.

Brook and Toby said...

She is growing up! Crazy how time flies.

Dimick's said...

Hey Kassie-
I was told that you know me-ha ha
Aria came home after church (at Pella) and told me that a lady at papa's church knew me, her eyes were so big-it made me laugh. By the way, I usually pack her a dress.

So how is life with 3? I bet Mace & Keston are great helpers.

Take care,

OUR FAMILY said...

Miss your postings. Hope everything is ok.

By the way... our new address is

Since I use first names, I didn't want them connected to our last name.

Jenny n' Sam said...

Hi! I heard that you were looking for me. I'm SO GLAD! How are you guys? Congrats on the stitching business, that's great! We are doing good. Living in Rigby. You are totally welcome to join our "blogging community". Our site is I usually have a lot more updates than what is shown, but I have had "computer and camera" issues. So I am not able to upload any pics. Your little family is soooo cute. John still looks the exact same to me. Can't wait to see pictures of you. Best wishes!

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