Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Dear Prophet...President Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday evening came as a little shock for me. My heart ached, but was filled with both sorrow and joy as I envisioned our dear Prophet joined with his darling wife, Savior, and Father. I could just picture his huge grin and some smart comment he would make as he entered---"well, its about time" or something of that manner.

I had just put Mace and Keston down for the evening when I received a phone call from my mother about 8:00 p.m. I decided I would go and talk to mace since he was still awake in His bed---mostly becuase I just needed one of his super hugs! I hugged him as I started to cry when I told him President Hinckley died. "Why mom?" was his straight forward question---I told him his body was tired and he had worked hard and now he would be in Heaven. "I know thats a good place huh." We continued our conversation and then Mace said, "I can pray." (referring to my tears and he thought I was scared----when we have bad dreams I have taught him to pray for protection from our Father in Heaven) So, I said sure and let him pray. It was so cute as he blessed heaven, and our propet died, and his spirit. When he finished---he looked up at me and said, he has MatR (my brother's dog who died)---I said yes he does have MatR with him. And that thought seemed to make everything fine---because everybody needs a good dog righ:)

We love our dear prophet and we still pray for him daily---Mace blesses his spirit in Heaven. As I listend and watched any coverage on TV and heard our prophet bear his testimony---I was filled with a desire to be better and do better in every aspect of my life. You can not listen to his words and not know what he speaks is true and of God. What an amazing example of our faith to the world. We love him and will miss him. Here is a video tribute that I really enjoyed and wanted to share--click below.

Tribute Movie Clip of President Gordon B. Hinkley

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Branden said...

That's a neat story Kassie, you and John have taught your boys very well.