Friday, April 18, 2008


John and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary in March and my sister Jen watched the boys for us. While the boys had their sleep over at Aunt Jen's she managed to spoil them. Her little boy Jaxon, loves to hand down his toys and clothes to Mace----one of which was the cool Superman PJs Mace is wearing below. Well, Jen figured Keston needed some too, so she went out and found him some. For the next few days, the Superman PJs were worn all day! Mace was so proud that his little brother could be a super hero like him. Here they are flexing their SUPER MUSCLES! Now, that is not the funny they were putting on their Superman PJs one night ----Mace looked at me and my PJs. "Don't worry mom, Aunt Jen is good at finding them." Meaning she would be able to find some for me and John----so look what you started Aunt Jen! We sure love you and thank you for the PJs!

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Jason & Haley Baker said...

Hi Kassie. I hadn't realized that you had left a comment on my blog. I can't believe how big your family is! That's great. Some of us just get started later than others. Yeah 10 years have just flown by. I'm not sure if I'm willing to admit that I feel 10 years older but then again maybe I do. Well it was good to hear from you. Jason Baker