Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We took a fun little trip to Logan to visit our friends over the weekend---and of course the Cache Valley Cruise-In was this weekend too, so we kept very busy!

Ryan's Park with Jess and her boy's Dallin and Matthew---this is the only picture that I could capture all four of them together! They had so much fun playing with their little buddies. Mace loved this park and still talks about the monkey bars that are just his size!

Swimming once or twice a day was definitely their favorite, since they have a paranoid mom that doesn't go swimming with two little dare devils---that have no fear of water! But, I did feel better when Mace said, "I think I like my pool best mom." Nothing like a kiddie pool right!
We had fun visiting Jenny and Crae for a bit--I used to babysit Jaycie and Allie when we lived in Logan and the kids played together everyday. We sure miss them---but all four of the kids didn't really seem to remember each other--but enjoyed making new friends with each other:) Mace talked about Santa bringing him some jeeps just like Jaycie and Allie's---but without the flowers of course---silly guys!

Megen and Chris cooked a delicious dutch oven dinner for us and Keri and Bryan before the big Logan Fireworks show. Keri's little Bree had to put up with all boys---good thing we had a few pink glow sticks to make up for it! The kids were so excited and running all over the place---so I failed at capturing everyone together...Broden, Bree, Tate, Carson, Mace, and Keston.

We went to visit the Neal's in their new home, which is absolutely beautiful---Mindy has such a decorating touch! We played on their blow up slide that was so much fun----can you tell which kids belong to me? Give you a hint---they are the really white ones:) We had to spread them out, since they were so white compared to Taydem, Texie, and Tyker!

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Greene and Stacy and Maggie...

Visiting Rich, Melinda, Alexis, and Kolbe. We definitely miss our backyard neighbors---and the kids felt right at home helping themselves to the toys. We didn't have a fence between our yards---so we always played together. Mace thought it was pretty cool, because when we moved, we now have an Alexis right next door again!

We were finally able to track down Dan, Trudy, Baylee, and Max for a quick visit. Baylee was always my big helper---anytime we were outside, she would come across the street and play with the boys---boy has she grown up!

To close out our trip of fun and friends we met up with a few of John's brothers for the Cache Valley Cruise-In---John was definitely in Heaven! Thanks to everyone who let us crash in and visit!! We sure miss you guys...

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