Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hangin' with Mr. Kooper!

Cousin Kooper, Keston, and Mace ... showing off their big muscles!

Kooper is the proud big brother of the darling little, Kohl, in the below post. Mace and Keston just love Kooper and they couldn't wait to see him after our long drive to Idaho. I had to take a break from holding that cute new baby to play in the dirt with the boys and check out Kooper's new sandbox, baby kitty, and Grandpa's feedlot!

Just checking Grandpa's cows for him...what great helpers!

Now you can see why my boys never want to come home, because after this---there was fun at grandma's house! We also got to go to the Twin Falls Temple Open House---we are going again with Daddy next month, so we will write about that in a later post with pictures---but fun, fun, fun!!


Vicki said...

Awesome pictures Kassie! The ones on the farm are my favorite! How fun for them! Sounds like you had a great time. I also loved Mace's cupcakes for his birthday! Very creative! I'll have to bring him a little something extra during Sacrament. BTW we saw you sitting up front last Sunday. How dare you! (JK) Anyway, have a great day!

Jensen Blog said...

I loved spending a little time catching up on your blog... It is so fun to see how your life has been as of late. I am glad you were able to visit Idaho and see cute Kohl.. I am going to have to take a trip too.

Marcae said...

How are you? Busy having fun I see! I just wanted to thank you for those sweet flowers. I had no idea who brought them over, but I really enjoyed them. You are so sweet and thoughtful.
P.S. Happy LATE birthday to Mace. It looks like he had a FUN day!

The Calls said...

Fun, fun pictures! I can't believe Matthew has a baby already. Their baby is beautiful.

Mason & Suzy said...

Your family is adorable Kassie!
It's so fun to read your posts and feel the love that you have for these boys. I'm still stitching... in fact, funny story. I was at a friend's house the other day and she said... "hey you've gotta see what I've gotten into lately..." she pulls out this pattern that she'd purchased off the internet... who'd of guessed it was Cedarberry Stitches!!?!??!! She had about 4 of your patterns and was so elated to hear that I knew you! You're famous! How 'bout that! Can't wait to get back into the class again. Ava's old enough for me to feel comfortable leaving her with Mason for the night.
See you soon..... Reunion?