Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well Mace turned FOUR on June 23rd---so I am over a month behind, but we had some fun photos to share from his special day!

His birthday was on Monday, but we celebrated at the Zoo on Saturday and met his little buddy Ashlin there. We had so much fun before the heat got to us---Meagan was such a trooper being 8 months pregnant!

John was the photographer at the zoo today, which was a nice little break for me, but once one animal turned on him, I guess he thought it would be funny to get all backsides on film. He was laughing when he told me --that he about got one of me and Meagan walking in front of him----GOOD THING HE THOUGHT TWICE!!!

Enjoying Birthday cupcakes at the zoo by the snake slide---definitely their favorite part! We also ran into Chip and Kenna and their darling kids at the zoo---we haven't seen them forever and it was fun to bump into them -- small little world!

The Monson cousins came to visit Mace on his birthday---so more Baseball BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES!! YUMMY!!


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